Oz Banegev
Kibbutz Nahal Oz Visitor Center

Oz Banegev Visitor Center

Come for a taste of true pioneers’ history at Kibbutz Nahal Oz, where the first Heachzut (Nachal pioneering youth settlement) of Israel was established, to hear the astonishing story of this unique community from its beginning till today. This community, who faced the almost impossible, was led by the spirit and courage of its members throughout each of the challenging episodes and incidents they went through.

The visit includes Watching a moving video, guidance by one of the kibbutz members, a short walk to a viewpoint on the nearby Gaza Strip, free coffee stand including something sweet to go with it. You will also be able to take a lovely group photograph with our colorful painted wall in the background, and purchase some local products of our region’s farms, artists, authors and more.

About the tour and the facilities at the center

The tour takes about 1.5 hours including time for Q & A.
The tour can be given in: Hebrew, English, Russian, Dutch, or German.
The movie has two language options: Hebrew/English.

Facilities at the center:
A specious hall with up to 100 seats.
Toilets – including an accessible one.
Parking for private cars and busses – including handicap parking spots.
Comfortable indoor and outdoor sitting areas with tables – can be used for meals. The indoor area is part of our cafeteria, where soft drinks, popsicles and snacks can be bought.
All the food and drinks given or sold by us are Kosher (closed packs with a kosher stamp).
Breakfast/lunch/dinner catering options available if ordered at least 3 days prior to arrival.
The place can also be used for conferences and/or other gatherings.
The center is wheelchair accessible.

Tours date & time should be scheduled in advance.